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The Donor Tracker is a unique online resource that ­offers free, independent, up-to-date analysis of 14 major OECD donors’ official development ­assistance.


Story behind

During my internship at CDLX Berlin, we had Donor Tracker as our client. The project was to to develop their online source.

My responsibility in this project was to create a design concept for a pdf template system in InDesign so that the client would be able to add and change the content by themselves without affecting the design. Therefore I had to create different icons, and infographics and finalize the drawing.

These donor profile pdfs are avaliable to download on every country site on the website to get some more information.

My responsebility


The Donor Tracker is an initiative by SEEK Development.

CDLX Berlin

Julia Haaf

January 2017

My role

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